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Part Two Mary Queen Of Blasphemies
Nine Protestant denominations took a step toward official unity
Legalizing Mind Control
Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?
News Flash -Update on Benny Hinn
CROSS+WORD Christian Research; G12 cell church Testimony 2
Carlton Pearson and Universalism
Similarities between Mormons and Catholics
Kenneth Hagin visits Hell????
Why isn’t the word sodomite in the NIV
Which Bible verses did the NIV delete
No More Tithing Facts
Do you have anything to fear from the HIV epidemic
King James VI & I a Homosexual-Was it true?
Jack Van Impe
Robert Schuller In The News
Benny Hinn-Pros and Cons
Jesse Duplantis-What are you thinking
What Is Islam Doing
The Jesus Seminar A Brief Rebuttal
Counterfeit Spiritual Gifts a testimony of deception
A Sad Epitaph For Ruth Heflin
Dr. Christian Harfouche
Comparison Chart Of Daniel Ekechukwu Dead Raising Stories
A Opinions on 666 The Mark of the Beast
ISLAM-read the “prophet”
A Bible drill that exposes defective Bibles
Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International Cult or Christianity
The Higher Life of Rick Joyner
Is Your Church Free from Cultic Tendencies
Profit Bernard Jordan and palmistry [see page four of document]
False Prophets & Teachers
Ten Reasons to Reject Word of Faith Teachings – the Original!!
Overview and Application of Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Read Answers To My Catholic Friends online
TWA 800-who really did it? listen online May 8th-broadcast
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – Table of Contents
Who needs Bible Codes?
Voodoo recognized as official religion in Haiti!!
See jan and paul crouches 5 million dollar mansion-
The Golden Report – Whose Propaganda do you want to believe
Inner Healing – Healing of Memories – Christian or Occult?
America, A Nation Numbered and Finished!
On Spiritual Drunkenness
Four Faces of Islam
Mother of the Secret-Does Jesus live in a wafer? Listen online-
The Superstar
The “Profit” Robert Tilton
The Roots of Shepherding-or religious bondage!
Vaccines the shocking truth of their source! Did you know?
Strange FireGnosticism 2
Roman Catholic Church leading Christianity into the Global Church
Kim Clement on Salvation
The Truth About Tithing
Hypnosis in Unexpected Places
What kind of message, is “The Message” Bible?
Is Muhammed in the Bible? Listen online march 5th
Indian Christians Alarmed by Passage of Religious Conversion
Guideposts Magazine – Peale Notes
Silva Mind Control (Silva Method) – Christian or New Age Mind Cult
Hitler’s Christianity
No purgatory, Jesus purged our sins already
Benny Hinn-A Catholic Mystic? Listen Online
Read Answers to my Mormon Friends online
Trail Of Blood-The true history of Christianity!
Weighed and Found Wanting-The real story behind the”Toronto Blessing”
Libraries post Patriot Act warnings – Santa Cruz branches tell patrons that FBI
Who is Reading Your E-Mail?
Left Behind Using New Age Imagery to Popularize Prophecy
Is America a Christian Nation?
American Masonic History – What Are America’s True Roots?
The Alpha Course – Final Answer or Fatal Attraction
Entertaining Devils Unawares
The Lord’s Profits
The Vatican’s Holocaust
Answers to my Jehovah’s Witness Friends-read online
Robert Schuller on the ecumenical bandwagon
Vaccines made for humans from aborted babies
Cell Churches-freedom or religious cloning?
A Message to Jehovah’s Witnesses
“Studying the School Of The Prophets”
Honor guardman is fired for blessing
New Version Bibles-Listen to radio discussion, click on Jan 2nd
Ten Reasons to reject Word-Of-Faith Teachings
Undersanding the New Gnosticism by Don Clasen
“Sacred Name” House of yahweh-another form of bondage!
Sacred Name movement pt.1
Cell Churches and House Groups
Music In The Churches
Land of Lyrics Music: The Who Sell Out Rael Lyrics
TBN Donations Hard at Work … LOOK where the money really goes!
The Robot Soldier-Military seeking ways to skip sleep!
List of Roman Catholic Heresies
Powers behind the ALPHA course
Spiritual Warfare and Territorial Spirits-Guaranteed to keep you in bondage
Listen to: The Catholic Mary
Moslems and Jihad! Peaceful religion??
Morris Cerillo and his $50 million dollar gold plated jet!!
Dead Sea Scrolls-Fact or Fiction??
Hitler and homosexuality
Vaccines and their cell lines
Photogallery Pentecostal Fake Miracles and Trinkets page
Knights of Malta and Rick Joyner
Being Saved After Death
Charisma’s Annual Crisis of Conscience
Mind Control 9-98
The Cleansing Stream – Warning! Contaminated Water!
The Berean Beacon – Persecution
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy
T.B. Joshua Rebuke by Bill Randles
Spiritual Abuse
The Born Again Jesus?
A Marriage from Hell
Complete Seminar Notes from House of Theosophy Seminar which reveals plans for last stages of New World Order!!
Embryonic Stem cell research-Cannibalism or “Medicine” click on August 3rd broadcast
To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo
The Truth about the Agape-Phileo Myth
Indian temple revives ‘human sacrifice’
Taiwan’s scientists clone pigs which carry human DNA
Cross+Word Latest Reports!
CAN-The Real Cult Awareness Network



United Church of Christ wants to teach Homosexual rights in public elementary schools






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